Brad Moore Elected Secretary of Public Justice Foundation

SKW’s Brad J. Moore was recently elected Secretary of Public Justice Foundation, a national non-profit public interest law firm. Since he began his career as an attorney, Brad has spent countless hours as a volunteer for Public Justice. 

Brad is also the Foundation’s State Coordinator for Washington State, making presentations about Public Justice’s cases and mission. He explains, “Many of our cases don’t result in a fee. We take some of the hardest cases where an important legal issue is unclear… We give those people a shot they would likely not get from a private firm.”

The Public Justice Foundation challenges arbitration agreements (AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion), such as those hidden in boilerplate fine print on payday loans and credit card agreements with unconscionable interest rates and class action bans. It demands federal-level responsibility on behalf of inmates whose medical treatment is neglected, ignored, or refused by prison officials (Castaneda v. United States). The Foun­dation also aims to protect rights before and after they are violated, fighting against disparate treatment under Title IX (Flood v. Florida Gulf Coast University).

Because of top-notch representation, the Foundation has produced significant results. “The Foundation’s staff attorneys are literally a Who’s Who of civil rights, consumer protection and environmental lawyers from around the country. We have world-class litigators.”

Indeed, Public Justice is fortunate to have a litigator like Brad Moore as its Secretary.

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