BUI Injuries Can Rival or Surpass DUI Injuries

Yesterday’s Seattle Times article indicated that over 70 boaters in Lake Washington were arrested this Sunday for boating under the influence (BUI).!LakeWashington.jpg This story is a sad reminder of the many clients that we see come through our doors at SKW, whose injuries or loved one’s death resulted from a senseless boating incident. We have handled a number of cases involving drivers of boats, who have been drunk or on drugs and killed/injured passengers or others in the waterway.

When on the waters, boaters may forget how lethal their boats can be when their judgment is compromised due to alcohol or some other substance.

To anyone who ever navigates the waters, remember that it’s extremely dangerous to drive a boat while drunk. In fact, it’s as bad if not worse than driving on a roadway, which is a solid surface with lanes of travel, signage and lights.


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  • It is so disturbing to know that there are some boaters who are not responsible enough for their life nor the lives of the others along with them on the boat.

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