Family of Brain Injury Victim Settles with King County for $10 Million

According to a recent LawyersandSettlements.com article, the family of Christopher Sean HarriC Harris Brain Injury Victim.jpgs reached a $10 million settlement with King County, WA. Harris suffered traumatic brain injury in May 2009, after he was allegedly shoved by a sheriff’s deputy into a wall of a downtown movie theater.

Sarah Harris, Christopher’s wife, brought a personal injury action against King County, alleging that Deputy Matthew Paul used excessive force in the incident, according to a Seattle Times.

According to LawyersandSettlements.com, this is the largest amount paid by the county.

The money will undoubtedly help the Harris family with much needed care for Harris and his family. Harris’ wife, Sarah, demonstrated great courage and strength, for her willingness to face what likely seemed a long an ardous battle against the county.

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