Helicopter crash

Aviation crash victims must sort through more than just wreckage

The recent tragedies in aviation serve as harsh reminders that air travel may result in unforeseen and even deadly complications. Teams of investigators continue to sort through the scant clues to figure out what happened with the Malaysian Flight 370 (MH370). As the days have turned into weeks, theories range from routine radio malfunction to complex terrorist schemes. Meanwhile, the families of those on MH370, have suffered a roller coaster of emotions as possible evidence of the plane’s demise turns up. Amidst the experts who have flown into Beijing, where the families of MH370 are triaging, a minimum of two legal teams have arrived seeing this as a major opportunity.!KOMO Helicopter Crash

Flouting U.S. law about providing unsolicited communications to families of passengers within 45 days of an airplane accident, representatives from law firms claiming expertise in aviation litigation have come out of the woodwork. Their advice to the families include 1) do not sign any agreements with the airline or its insurance company (Allianz), 2) find any legal connection with the US and file suit there.

As for the KOMO helicopter crash, the NTSB will continue its investigation for several months before disclosing all of the details of the crash. Hours after the crash, Mayor Murray held a press conference, recommending a review of the city’s laws governing helicopter use. Under city law, stops for helicopters are allowed only when they “serve a public safety, news gathering or emergency medical care function,” and only under conditional use permits granted by the Seattle City Council.

Indeed, aviation injury lawyers must navigate a maze of local, national, and international laws. SKW’s airplane accident lawyers Keith Kessler and Brad J. Moore have represented those including international airplane crash victim, Mike Hemmer, along with others who have asked for anonymity.


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